Walking and Writing, Art and Curiosity

We believe that a good naturalist walks with ever-growing attentiveness, curiosity, wisdom, wildness, and creativity. We have found that drawing, writing, and other contemplative and creative exercises help us to grow in these ways.

winter books

Reading and Writing Nature workshop.

Our writing workshops have been lead and mentored by John T. Price, Matthew Low, Genevieve Williams, Joe Janowski, and Laura Johnson Dahlke. Essays and Poetry produced in these workshops has been featured on our blog: Loess Hills Nature Writers.



Sauntering by Robert Smith.

Our visual arts workshops have been lead and mentored by Sarah Berkeley, Anna Stoysich, and Christina Narwicz, Mark Hirsch, and Madeline Cass. Each of these visual artists has featured nature-themed art and photography in publications and galleries to celebrate the Loess Hills and challenge our concepts of nature and how humans interact with the natural world.




Credits clockwise from top left: Becky Colgrove, Sarah Berkeley, Cub Phillips, group haiku, Michelle Miller.

We seek to sharpen our attentiveness, mindfulness, to see with new eyes, and to find ourselves in unfamiliar light. No experience is necessary, only curiosity. And desire.

October nature-writing workshops: Sunday mornings at Hitchcock Nature Center and Waubonsie State Park. October 8th: HNC; October 22nd: WSP, October 29th: HNC, 9 – 11:30am.  Workshop leaders: Genevieve Williams and Jack Phillips. For more information and to register, contact Jack at newtreeschool@gmail.com.