The Naturalist School at Hitchcock Nature Center


painted hatchlingThe Naturalist School at Hitchcock Nature Center : early and mid-summer field seasons. Early summer season: Saturday mornings May 27th, June 3rd, 10th, 17th, and July 1st. Start times and meeting places will vary weekly depending on weather and phenology.  Mid-summer field season: Saturday mornings July 8th, 15th, 29th and August 5th; Sunday mornings July 9th, 23rd, and August 6th. Summer topics include woodland and savanna ecology, lepidopterans, odonates, pond ecology, breeding frogs and toads, nesting birds, woodland and savanna plants, fungi, bryophytes, lichens, and other taxa and topics. Please note that we will be hiking over steep and rugged terrain. Register by visiting this link.

For more information, contact Jack Phillips at


Late Summer and Fall : Saturday workshops will focus on the diverse habitats and ecosystem at HNC.  Sunday workshops will focus on cultivating attentiveness and mindfulness in nature through writing, readings, contemplative walking (sauntering after Thoreau) and sitting quietly.* Please note that we will be hiking over steep and rugged terrain. (*Unless otherwise indicated.)

These workshops are for adults and are not intended for children or pets. Participants should be prepared to write and take notes. Binoculars and hand lenses can be useful. Please bring water and snacks as needed. We will be walking long distances in rugged terrain with limited access to facilities. To register, visit this link.  

For more information, contact Jack Phillips at Participants may register for individual workshops for for the 6-workshop field season.

Late summer 2017 dates**: Sundays, Aug. 13th, 27th and Sept. 10th, 8 – 10:30am. Saturdays, Aug. 19th and Sept. 2nd, 16th, 8 – 10:30am.

Tentative late summer topics:

August 13th, Wilds of Poetry with Genevieve Williams.

August 19th: Prairie seed collecting.

August 27th: Nature Writing. 

September 2nd: Woodland Ecology.

September 10th: Woodland and Savanna Fungi with Kathleen Thompson.

September 16th: Woodland Pollinators with Dr. Ted Burk.

Fall 2017 dates* Sundays Oct. 8th and 29th, November 12th, 9 – 11:30am; Saturdays Oct. 21st and November 4th, 8 – 11:00am.

October 8th, 29th: Nature Writing with Genevieve Williams and Jack Phillips.

October 21st: Savanna Restoration: collecting and sowing seed and acorns. 

November 4th: Late Fall Lichens and Fungi with Katie Thompson

**(Times and dates are subject to change due to weather.) Meeting place for each workshop will be announced.