Poetics of Place

Art of Walking Wildly: creativity as path into nature.



Poetics of Place is seasonal series of workshops that teaches contemplative walking, art, and creative writing as a path into nature. Our faculty includes humanities scholars, scientists, and artists who are actively engaged in the consilience of ecology and humanities in the Kickatuus, Nishnabotna, and Missouri River watersheds.




Day-long workshops invite writers, artists, naturalists, and anyone who wants to intimately engage local ecosystems through creative and contemplative thought and expression.



Poetics of Place workshops are designed for intensive and immersive creativity, contemplation, walking and conversation in wild places with small groups of companions. Each workshop also allows for quiet spaces for mediation, reading, writing, and for one-on-one sessions with faculty mentors.

To learn more about upcoming workshops and retreats, contact Jack Phillips at thenaturalistschool@gmail.com 

*Photos by Robert Smith.